Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The wonder of Beads in History

Bead Embroidery is one of my favorite techniques to use. Have you ever wondered just how that wonderful little bead you love so much came to be? I have, so I decided to do a little research on the History of beads and found a world of obsession with this little treasure, we call a Bead.

Beads in history can be found as far back as 40,000 years ago. Think about that for minute; 40,000 years. Wow, you really are obsessed with this wonderful little bead.

Beads have been found in nearly every culture since the Stone Age. King Tut had beadwork in his tomb. Beads were found in ancient temples in Nara, Japan and others dating back to the 8th century. Beadwork from India has been recorded in history. Beadwork in African was found in a tomb in Nigeria that dates to the 8th and 11th centuries.

American History tells us of explorers, like Alexander Mackenzie, David Thompson and the famous Lewis and Clark expeditions carrying glass beads for presents and exchange in dealing with American Indians. Beads were use as a commodity and a treasured form of trade.

In today’s culture we still cherish this wonderful little creation, we call a bead. You adorn yourselves with them, you create beautiful works of art with them and you have found all kinds of ways to string them on thread.

So the next time you pick up that little bead, remember your creating with part of your history, a history that’s been with us for over thousands of years.

Here are a few photos I found on the internet of Ancient and Antique Jewelry, enjoy.

As always, Happy Beading!

Terri Faye