Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Come Visit Terri Faye Jewelry in East Texas

Hi Everyone!

Hope this post finds you well and having a bit of cooler weather!  I know I was ready for the heat to go away in this big state of Texas.

If you happen to be in the East Texas area of Winnsboro this weekend, come out and visit me on Saturday November 5th and Sunday the 6th at the Winnsboro Fine Art Market.  Its location will on main street downtown Winnsboro and have Fine Arts & Crafts, music, wine garden and so much more.  Admission is Free. You can also find out more by visiting my Events Calendar at Terri Faye Jewelry.

You can also visit the website at Winnsboro Fine Art Market.

Winnsboro has a fine history, here's a little about Winnsboro I found on the City's page.

155 Years and Still Moving Forward.                        

Winnsboro has a rich and varied history that extends from the days of 
the Caddo Indians to the French settlements and from the wild logging 
era to the rather calm visits of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. 

The land on which the town is located was first surveyed in 1835, by
Gray B. King and carved from the State of Caohuila and Texas, then 
a state under the Mexican government.  

The location is astride the boundary between the Louisiana Territory 
and Old Mexico and equidistant from Dallas, Shreveport, and Texarkana. 

The first settlers, John E. Winn and W.R. McMillan, came to Winnsboro 
prior to 1854.  They came through "Crossroads", the original name of 
the town, were attracted to the rich land on the edge of the piney woods, 
and purchased 351 acres in the Gray B. King tract.  

They opened the first post office in 1855, along with their mercantile 
business.  The town Crossroads was open for business. 

The citizens soon changed the name to "Winnsborough" in honor of 
the original founder.  It retained that spelling until 1889, when the 
government changed the spelling to "Winnsboro". 

Read more about Winnsboro at Winnsboro Texas.

Below are some of my newest beaded Jewelry collection you'll be able to purchase at the show.

Hope to see you there!

As always, Happy Beading

Terri Faye